Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oh my baby ...

..... is 11 tomorrow! I can't believe it! Year 7 in primary school ..... how time flies ..... makes me feel quite ancient. He has a better social life than me lol.

Sam is a typical wee lad, full of life, full of fun and full of mischief although I have to say he is also a wee angel :)
This card captures his cheeky chappy personality. I have vowed to try to use up my scraps of paper and card before the new SU catalogue comes out, trying to save my pennies :) i have lots of other bits and pieces too that i need to use ...... i suppose everyone has a stash of some dsescription ..... us crafters dont like waste!!

Things have been busy in the house this weekend, preparations for Sams birthday and also we have a painter coming to do some work ..... yikes, paint makes me sneeze for about a week .... perhaps i should move out lol. Dont think the guys would like that.

Going to wind down now as have work tomorrow. Telly for the rest of the evening ...... Missing Andy for Must Be The Music!!!!!


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