Sunday, 25 October 2009

What's Up Doc?

No2 son is a Dr Who fanactic! When in Blackpool we visited the Dr Who exhibition which was brilliant ..... this was his purchase. A 1000 piece jigsaw. Doesn't it look well, I did help him just a little. He did really well to stick at it to get it completed ..... short pepole and short concentration spans and all that!

Now, i'm going to try again to add a pic to the middle of my blog, i've seen it on many other posts so I know it can be done!

Ok, so it's not great and I imagine I did take the long way around to do this but at least the picture is there. I will practice to try get it to look more balanced with the rest of the blog. This is fanatical son No2 in side a Dalek, he had a ball in there :)
You know, I haven't made a card now in almost 3 weeks. I did miss it but now, i'm getting to the stage where my inspiration has totally left me. I don't find myself thinking of layouts and colour combos. I have no inclination to retreat to my haven for a couple of hours of crafting therapy. I should be getting stuck into it big style what with Christmas only weeks away. Not much time to get all my cards etc sorted. Any ideas of quick 'n' easy fab looking cards would be much appreciated lol. Just to get me going again like.
Now, enough posting for the minute. I'm off to take it easy for the rest of my weekend, cuppa tea n a muffin has my name on it ....... bliss xx

Sunny Blackpool!

Yes, it was sunny, can you believe it? The weather arrived just for us and made our weekend even more enjoyable.

We made it to the top (well almost the top) of the tower and did the 'Walk of Faith'. This was about 10am and I couldn't believe the number of people that were out and about. We even had to queue for about 30 mins to get the top. I suppose it was 'cos the illuminations were on too.

Foto is later on in the day, prob about nearing 5pm, 2 very tired boys. They weren't really that grumpy, honest, they were play acting lol, didn't like being behind bars!!

Have to say I wasn't impressed at all by the lights! Wasn't worth taking a trip just for that. Lucky for us, we were visting and staying with some family there so there was plenty of craic :) At least I can say, and the boys can say, they've seen them. We did have a very enjoyable trip with lots of new experiences.

Oh I feel a song and line dance coming one ......... Penny Arcade lol, off we go, yeeehaaa xx

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Slug and the Lettuce

Oh, I have been such a bad blogger, such a neglectful blogger, please forgive me, it has been over 2 weeks since my last blog lol.

I do have an excuse .... i mean, a very valid explanation :) I have been otherwise engaged ..... and if you had read my previous entry you would have known why ..... ok, i'll wait while you go check!!

Oh, go on then. I was in Blackpool for a weekend with my boys ...... proof?! Here u go .... now, i've tried to add a foto just to show u, but I haven't be able to figure out how to get it in the middle of the post!!! so i'll just have to add another post.

Lol, no posts for a while, now u's willl be sick of me.

The next weekend I was in Newcastle with my girlie friends. Hence the picture, The Sage Hall, also affectionately known by locals as the Slug!! Can you understand why. I have to tell how daft we girls are tho. We had brunch in a restaurant just across the river from this amazing structure. Because of the location we thought thats how it (the restaurant) got its name. How were we supposed to know that The Slug and the Lettuce was a chain of eateries!! They sure don't have any in Norn Iron. Anyway, a nice wee lad (from East Belfast (over at Uni) I might add ... woo hoo) who worked there explained it to us. Moral of the story .... don't give 4 Irish women wine with their breakfast ...... can u guess how the rest of the trip panned out??

Doesn't the slug make a brilliant picture!! Back soon with some more ....... xx