Sunday, 31 October 2010

Missing mojo ......

........has anyone found it??

I haven't a clue what's up with me this week. Normally i'm quite excited about making my cards but I just don't seem to be able to get motivated at the minute. Maybe it's because I have taken on quite a few awkward orders ..... you know sometimes it's hard to say no to folk, especially when they're an existing customer. Sometimes it's difficult to understand exactly what some people mean when they say they want a special card. I do quiz them for details but all you get is 'sure whatever you think' ....... anyone else find it hard to make cards for people they don't know?

Anyway, i shouldn't complain, this is what keeps my obsession funded so i'll just have to search for some inspiration for these projects ..... any tips for male cards greatly welcomed!!

Above is a simple wee card I made for my cousin and his partner who have recently moved away from wee Norn Iron to the big bad world on the mainland ..... Reading to be exact. It's probably lovely but rather them then me with the commuting times they now have. It's the only time I have used this sale-a-bration set but it is simple and effective so maybe i should make some more of these to see if I can get myself back into the swing of things again.
Maybe next time i'll be a touch more enthusiastic, next job today is to finally place my SU order from the new catalogue ..... might have to starve all week!! lol
If your heading to the convention, have a great time :) x

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