Sunday, 26 August 2012

Recouperating ....

........ taking things very slow and easy at the minute. I can just about manage to make myself a cup of tea and I have been out and about for a few wee walks which is real progress.

Whilst I have been unable to do much physically I am longing to get back to my supplies to start on making some Christmas cards. I am always much more inspired for this occasion than any other and I find it much easier to come up with ideas.

However, to break the boredom I have been surfing the net in search of all things pretty and I have come across a novel idea ...... something I had never seen before ....... doorstops! In all shapes and sizes, from funky to quirky to retro to vintage and then of course plain and simple. Now, I am in no way a seamstress and I don't possess a sewing machine but I thought some of you guys might just give this a go. This is just a wee picture of the kind of thing I mean....

arn't they just so pretty and cute? Just imagine what they could look like in that delicious stampin' up fabric! I suppose this opens a whole range of products you could make, wee scented sachets etc  ....... ideal gifts for folk for birthdays or Christmas :)

I did find a tutorial on how to make a doorstop, not the shape as in the picture, a pyramid style which looks good too but i'm such you're a clever lot and can adapt to whichever size or shape you want. You can find the tutorial here.

Have fun with this and be sure to leave me a wee comment or a link to your blog if you try it. Would love to see a finished product :)

Til next time ......... xx

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