Saturday, 15 August 2009


Oh wats a girl to do!

I got an email from a friend today telling me she had created a new blog. The link brought me here. Well not here here of course ..... to this site with the orange square and the white B. Blogger? Blogspot? Is there a difference? I dunno, fancy putting me straight?

Well, there went my afternoon down the pan! Curious as I am, I have spent a while (a long while) sifting thro the random ramblings of other folk. I have heard about this blogging lark but never really paid much attention to it. I do have to say tho I could be well and truly hooked, maybe not so much the posting myself, but definitely looking at other creations. This has been all very inspiring. I make cards you see, ok, I used to make cards, thats better. I haven't had much time lately what with one thing or another .... don't ask!

So I have this other friend who did something nice for me. Having perused many card/scrapbooking/crafty blogs I have in fact, this afternoon created a masterpiece, see picture above. Cool eh? Just a wee something to say 'ta very much' Now my kitchen table resembles a bomb site ..... all for one wee card ...... but it was worth it.

I really should make more of an effort to create more of these masterpieces ...... makes me feel good. Just must remember that I have to also feed the two children ........

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  1. Hi, T, is this you? I'm presuming so from your text earlier. I didn't know you had a blog too. Well done u! Now I have company from good old NI!