Sunday, 25 October 2009

What's Up Doc?

No2 son is a Dr Who fanactic! When in Blackpool we visited the Dr Who exhibition which was brilliant ..... this was his purchase. A 1000 piece jigsaw. Doesn't it look well, I did help him just a little. He did really well to stick at it to get it completed ..... short pepole and short concentration spans and all that!

Now, i'm going to try again to add a pic to the middle of my blog, i've seen it on many other posts so I know it can be done!

Ok, so it's not great and I imagine I did take the long way around to do this but at least the picture is there. I will practice to try get it to look more balanced with the rest of the blog. This is fanatical son No2 in side a Dalek, he had a ball in there :)
You know, I haven't made a card now in almost 3 weeks. I did miss it but now, i'm getting to the stage where my inspiration has totally left me. I don't find myself thinking of layouts and colour combos. I have no inclination to retreat to my haven for a couple of hours of crafting therapy. I should be getting stuck into it big style what with Christmas only weeks away. Not much time to get all my cards etc sorted. Any ideas of quick 'n' easy fab looking cards would be much appreciated lol. Just to get me going again like.
Now, enough posting for the minute. I'm off to take it easy for the rest of my weekend, cuppa tea n a muffin has my name on it ....... bliss xx

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