Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunny Blackpool!

Yes, it was sunny, can you believe it? The weather arrived just for us and made our weekend even more enjoyable.

We made it to the top (well almost the top) of the tower and did the 'Walk of Faith'. This was about 10am and I couldn't believe the number of people that were out and about. We even had to queue for about 30 mins to get the top. I suppose it was 'cos the illuminations were on too.

Foto is later on in the day, prob about nearing 5pm, 2 very tired boys. They weren't really that grumpy, honest, they were play acting lol, didn't like being behind bars!!

Have to say I wasn't impressed at all by the lights! Wasn't worth taking a trip just for that. Lucky for us, we were visting and staying with some family there so there was plenty of craic :) At least I can say, and the boys can say, they've seen them. We did have a very enjoyable trip with lots of new experiences.

Oh I feel a song and line dance coming one ......... Penny Arcade lol, off we go, yeeehaaa xx

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