Monday, 19 April 2010

Grounded .....

........ all those poor people. I really for them stranded in far flung exotic places!! Ahem!! Mind you, wouldn't you be sick if you had paid for a happy holiday in the sun and weren't able to get. Who would have thought volcanic activity would have caused so much bother in UK. just as long as the banana supply doesn't dry up, it doesn't really affect me.

My guys and i are just back from a wee lil trip to London and we just missed all this disruption. Next holiday is in June with the girlies so fingers crossed the spewing has well and truly finished by then!

So, I thought i would share some creations with you. First of all a wedding card for some friends. Can you tell I like purple? I love the patterned satin ribbon too.

Next up, a wee selection of small cards for various occassions. I love being able to use one layout and get lots of different results. Purple again although Perfect Plum this time as my Elegant Eggplant cardstock supply is well and truly depleted!

I'll be able to use this design with lots of different colours and it will allow me use up a lot of old paper and card i have. I do really need to make some room in my little haven so this is a good thing :)

And isn't the news so exciting, rich razzleberry WILL BE AVAILABLE *jumps up and down .... again * I so cannot wait for this. I could go on for hours about this one colour .... but I won't.

I have found some new blogs that I adore so am off to satisfy my obsession.

Maybe back soon!

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  1. And your wish came through. See what a FAb demo I am? I made it all possible for you LOL> hugs xx