Sunday, 21 February 2010

Rich Razzleberry and the ultimate in disappointment

Well, well, welll, does it really surprise you that the Americans get ALL the good stuff.

While having a wee look around the WWW I was oh so excited to stumble across a US copy of the Stampin' Up catalogue. I downloaded it, printed it and had it bound. New ideas, tips and all that but my oh my the differences in the products available is almost unbearable. Rich razzleberry now has to be my most fav colour ever, and I mean EVER! Just look at that ribbon, the fact that I can't have it just makes me want to cry :(

There are also funky stamp collections, lots of diff punches and papers to die for .... and don't get me started on the buttons! Sherbet buttons .... delicious, cordorouy covered buttons ... devine. *sob*sob*sob*

That's I suppose a failing of SU, u cant order this stuff online which really sucks. You have to order through a demonstator ...... I don't know anyone in USA ...... how disappointing is that?

Whilst I'm feeling all neglected and disappointed can I just also mention that I live in a town that doesn't even have book store!!! This is me, the wee girl who only ever wanted to live in a castle with a huge library and a craft room ...... nothing else mattered ......

Think that's as much disappointment as I can manage for today!


  1. I love that colour too! Don't think there is an equivalent in the UK SU book though...

  2. My goodness, Tracy, you are in a bad way! But fear not, your fairy godmother is at hand. There is a special offer on with Stampin' Up! here now and you CAN INDEED buy Rich, card AND RIBBON!!! Check out this link and you can order through you-know-who!!