Sunday, 17 July 2011

40th Birthday Celebrations

Hello there,

And how is everyone in blogland these days?

I have been terribly busy this past wee while, and guess what? I've had my birthday, my 40th birthday no less. I really don't feel it though. In my head i'm still 23 while everyone esle around me is getting older.

That was back in April. I had a whole month of celebrations, my friends kept me going that I was like the Queen lol. I had a girls weekend away, a few nights out, a girls holiday and a party. Even after all that there was still more to come. I went to Wimbledon ...... yes the WIMBLEDON! Oh I was so excited. I love the tennis I do. I had a VIP No.1 court experience, I felft very important. Can you tell how happy I was from my picture below?

I watched Serena Williams, Djokovic and Federer. It was a truly magical day for me and I would really love to go back again next year, best start saving for that.

Now then, let's move on to some crafting. I haven't really been doing that much lately but this was a card I was asked to make for my aunts friend. The colours are Melon mambo, baja breeze and perfect plum. I added a couple of wee rhinetones for some sparkle and big button ..... just because I could :).

I have been having a wee squizz about and am seeing a few Christmas projects creeping in. I think I might start thinking about that soon. I do think I am better at Christmas stuff than anything else and I do enjoy them more, for whatever reason. Just a big kid at heart I suppose.

I'm off now to watch The Apprentice. Being from Northern Ireland of course i'm supporting Jim2Win!! And what with Darren Clarke winning the golf today, Rory winning the golf a couple of weeks ago, are we on a roll? I sure hope so :)

Have a good evening everyone.

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  1. What fabulous celebrations you've been having for you milestone birthday. Gorgeous card and like I am thinking Christmas and cannot wait to start going on gifts. Hope you're well. Hugs M xx