Sunday, 15 January 2012

Love Is In The Air .........

Hey there,

Happy New Year everyone! I trust the festive season passed without too much drama and was enjoyed by all.

I have been speaking to a few people lately who, like myself, have very little free time at the minute. Each day whizzes by and sometimes I really do have to think what I have accomplished in any given day ...... if anything at all!

So, today I shall document just exactly what I have created ....... drum roll please .......

......... clean, simple and no fuss. I even deliberated over adding those wee hearts but I think they work ok. I'm quite proud of getting this done today, seeing I will have to keep it for a month before giving it to anyone. I am NEVER that organised. The heart is from the Polka Dot Punch set. I used real red ink and just used some clear goss embossing powder on it to give it a wee bit more texture. The circle is one of my cuttlebug shapes and although you can't really tell from the picture, I put it through the square lattice embossing folder. The sentiment is from the Occasional greetings set.

So that's that done ........ what else can I achieve today?

Happy Sunday people :) x

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