Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Don't the guys look hot, hOT, HOT!! Went to their gig in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast last night. Let me tell you, even tho we weren't home til gone midnight it was well worth the trip. They looked and sounded fab. It was a small gig, about 3000 or so but there was plenty of noise nonetheless. I would def go see them again. Oh, for those of you who don't know who they are ..... they are .... 'The Script' :)
Since my last visit here I have thankfully been given a jolt of creativity .... oh happy days! I have been busy beavering away making a European mountain of Christmas cards, ok,ok so maybe its more of a molehill. I am extremely proud of this seeing as my last post was full of frustration!! I have made all these cards with my existing resources ..... how good is that?? i still have plenty more where they came from too so over the next weeks I hope to have all my Christmas stuff complete and I can settle into other things. By that stage I hope to have my new Stampin,' Up products that I will be ordering, soon, from Karen.
So I have said that im using all my existing items. Well, thats not 'strictly' true. I have placed an order with Craft Creations for a job lot of assorted cards, I want to practice my Iris folding and I needed some aperture cards. I just HAD to order them ..... honest. Don't you just love getting parcels? Hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow and I can have a good poke through it before the weekend.
I was going to upload some photos of my Christmas creations but u'll never guess what!?! My photographic skills have come under some criticism ..... yes, I know, I could hardly believe it either.!! A friend has told me that my pictures on here are .... well..... not very good! Oh the shock lol. Haha, actually I do know they kind of suck. The few that I have uploaded are all shiny and the lighting is awful. I just can't get it right ...... you don't want me to tell you how many takes it took! Must practice, along with everything else.
Think I need to spend a lil time getting to know my camera .....

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  1. Hi T,
    am now officially a SU demontrator! I'll drop stuff into you when the catalogues come hopefully next week!