Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's a date ......

I went to my friend Karen's house last week for a SU! workshop. It was a great nites craic and we made two beautiful cards. My Mum who has never 'stamped' before was all in and I think we just may have converted her!!

Karen had made a few wee mini calendars so I had to give them a try too. Didn't turn out half bad! This is intened to be a Christmas gift for my youngests teacher and will also make some for Sunday school leaders etc. The other is bookmark just to put in with it.

My world is far from exciting at the minute, not a lot going on. October is however a month for me to look forward too. Starts 2moro!! Off to the city (Belfast) for a meal and a show with my line-dance pals, Dreamboats and Petticoats, t'is a lovely name for a show but I don't really know what its all about. I'm sure we will manage to have a good time anyway. Next on the agenda is a weekend to Blackpool to see the illuminations. Imagine, i've been there on and off over the last 20 odd years to stay with friends but have never seem the lights, crazy but true. Wont be able to say that in a few weeks time. The weekend after that is a girlie weekend to Newcastle (no, not Co.Down, a lil further afield!) Thats going to be a tough one, 3 full days of shopping and partying. These are the friends I went to Spain with earlier this year and bedtime was never any earlier than 6am!! I will need a week to recover from that one I think! My final event in October is another trip to the city to see Ludovico Einaudi, one of the most fantastical musicians on the planet, really looking forward to hearing his new compositions.

Today, I have taken a well desreved day off from work, have all my jobs done and dinner prepared. Im off to my 'wee room' for a couple of hours before the boys come home and we need to get stuck into homework. Dunno yet what im going to do up there but im sure i'll find something.

See ya .....

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  1. Sounds great: a trip to Bellfast to see illuminations, a girlie weekend in Newcastle, Ludovico Einaudi event.

    Enjoy it all!