Monday, 2 November 2009

It's wats on the inside that counts .......

ok, so this isn't me under the mask, but it does help get across a certain message.

This is No.2 son at the Hallowe'en party on Saturday night. You wouldn't think to look at him here but he is the sweetest, kindest boy ever, always ready and willing to lend a hand. He also has this knack of giving company to those who might otherwise sit on their own all night. I love him to bits.

Applying this book/cover thing to me, Im not pretty, im overweight, Im no fashion icon, dont have money to throw about and dont own the latest must have accessorie BUT my family love me and that's all that truly matters. I do feel we live in an extremely materialistic society and culture that puts more importance on how people look and what they have rather than how people feel and act. I think I have done a good job in instilling good old fashioned values into my boys :)

When I last wrote, my creativity had gone, that is still the case so, rather than sit and do nothing I have been busy making inserts for my yet to be masterpieces. See, the inside counts .... see where im going with this! I love cards, pretty colourful ones but I do tend to pick shop bought cards according the verse inside. It is a very important element. A lot of people have expressed this as important to them too so I have taken the time to find some nice verses and had them printed up. All I need now are the cards to put them in lol.

Perhaps some blog hopping will help .............

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  1. Hey Mrs! You are just you, so be happy with that!! You're really long as your family love you, that's all that matters.

    What about using some of those lovely felt flowers to get your creative juices flowing again? Or are you waiting (impatiently!) on your new goodies. They should be here TOMORROW! I'll text you.