Sunday, 10 January 2010

Blog's Alive!!!!!

Well Goodness Gracious Me ....Happy New Year everyone!

A new year and time to make an appearance on ye olde blog. Kinda was a bit half hearted about this in the run-up to the end of year hols. Sorry for not blogging to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Excuses ..... i have none ..... none at all ..... just busy doing other things .... or if im truly honest .... but doing nowt much lol.

Actually, the week before Christmas especially was busy .... with parties, parties and more parties. There was of course also the snow, ice, last minute shopping and cars in ditches!!

Don't you just love snowy scenes tho .... here are a couple taken in Portadown (where we live) yesterday.

Doesn't it look lovely. I sure some clown from town will don ice boots and try to Jane Torville it up the river!! Ironically there is a funeral parlour just to the right of the bridge there .... just in case! TBH it is nice n all but the novelty of having a white Christmas, New Year and weeks after has totally worn off. Today it has started to thaw a little so hopefully conditions will be less dangerous. The weather has been slightly obsessive this past week with every news bulletin making reference to it ..... I even was dreaming last night about temperatures dropping so far below zero that it would be impossible to survive! i don't believe the whole global warming thing either ..... winters and temperatures years ago were just as extereme .... people just got on with it without complaining!
Ah well, that'll do for now, don't want to burn out so early in the year ..... *hugs* for all and i look forward to entertaining you with my ridiculous little life in 2010.

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  1. these are gorgeous photos and your sons are a hoot...such a cute little a great week!

    enjoy *~*