Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Can you spot it?

Actually, what I should say is .... can you spot them? There are two mistakes in my card :O lol ..... still think it looks no so bad tho :)

I think this this week I have been a wee lil bit pre-occupied and not fully concentrating on the job in hand. Normally my crafting helps me relax and chill. However, this weekend my nephew is off on tour to Afghanistan and my sister had asked me to make him a card. At first I said no, I didn't think I could do it without crying all over it as well as it being terribly difficult to come with something. On reflection, I had ideas reeling around in my head so after playing about a little I managed to create something. My sister loved it and im sure Stephen will too as I managed to incorporate his regiments bagdge.
As you can imagine, things are quite sad at this time and we are all hoping and praying hard that all will be well and we will have our hero back with us safe and sound before too long. We are having a family get together on Friday night so im sure there will be lots of laughs and tears then.
Wish me luck :) x


  1. Ok I give up, I cannot see any? HELP!!!
    Lovely card BTW. Hugs xx

  2. lol Monica, the mistakes are there all right. One of the circles is stamped in the wrong colour and I rocked the stamp a bit with the lettering so there is some shadowing :( Thanks for the chat the other day, I really appreciate it xx