Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mistakes .......

..... I make mistakes ALL the time!

Some are just terrible but I think the one in the picture below turned out just grand :)

I had a completely different vision in my head when I began making this card but after stamping in the wrong place, not stamping hard enough and adding the teal strip to the wrong end i've managed to come up with something i'm actually quite proud of.

I will forgive myself this time as my craft time has been quite non-existent this past while what with holidays and the general routine. I am a wee lil bit out of practice but I have enjoyed so much making a mess!

I have also managed to get myself a copy of the new US Stampin' Up catalogue. I can't wait for ours to come out, i do so hope we get build-a-brad in ours. A nice teal stamped centre for my medallion would have been just great on my card, not that i don't like it just the way it is!! There's also this kool, kool tool in it simply called a paper tearer. It makes a real raggedy edge and a beautiful vintage finish. Please, please, please can we have these ...... oh, and all the new colour add on kits too ...... please?!?!?

Ta, ta xx

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  1. Gorgeous card hun, I just love that stamp and the colours you've used. yummy !!!